Gavin Andresen: Core Development Has More Resources Than Ever! But We Can't Pay You

Gavin Andresen of the illegitimate Bitcon Fundation has posted an article titled "Strengthening the Core" in which he claims development of Bitcoin Core is less centralised than ever before while taking a dump on Satoshi for having previously completely controlled the project.

Claiming that 259 people have directly contributed to the Core and forked it 4,427 times, Andresen failed to articulate why such a thing is good or desirable and is likely part of a ruse to frame the discussion of removing the 1MB blocksize limit as having the support of the community.

Andresen also states the support from BitPay and Blockstream, bringing the total number of organisations supporting the Core from one to three, as reasoning for why the Core development has a bright future. When taken at face value, it would appear to be factual but Andresen concedes it has no future through making an obvious contradiction:

"Core development has more resources than ever.."

With more resources than ever, the Bitcon Fundation seeks:

"Somebody dedicated to deep, thorough testing of the core code. Somebody understands Bitcoin deeply who will write test plans and then beg or bribe or hire people to run those tests. Ideally, somebody who can also write regression tests to automate testing. If you are that person, send your resume to – and, if you have time, jump in and start! The Foundation can’t afford to pay you right now, but if you do a good job you’ll be the first person hired when we can.

Despite "more resources than ever", the Bitcon Fundation cannot pay for what it needs which is attributable to only having 57.875 BTC remaining from a total 5,878.222 BTC raised.

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