Detroit Hit By Ransomware in April

According to The Detroit News and the Associated Press a city database was hit by ransomware this past April. According to Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan a ransom of 2,000 BTC was requested in order to restore access to the affected database. He also reported the ransom was not paid as the database was apparently not that important. This was revealed at the North American International Cyber Summit at Cobo Center. At the summit the Mayor also presented something else as problematic.

“I found the Microsoft Office system we had was about 10 years old and couldn’t sync the calendar to my phone.”

Also featured in The Detroit News today is that Michigan's school bus fleet is in utter disrepair and Louis Aguilar that Detroit's challenge is "To Spread the Wealth."

3 thoughts on “Detroit Hit By Ransomware in April

  1. Must suck to be Detroit.

  2. Should be "Detroit News" in the second paragraph (capitalization).

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