Coinero Project Seeks £150,000 For Bitcoin Gift Cards

Coinero is an Indiegogo project which is seeking £150,000, which at this time is around USD $240,000 to produce a redeemable Bitcoin gift card available in £15, £25 and £50 denominations. The card is designed to appeal to the newcomer that can manage to enter a shop, purchase a Coinero card and activate it at the checkout.

The brainchild of Bruce Thomas and Rhian Lewis, the pair are seeking the funds to pay for printing the cards, development of the activation phone app as well as a shop front in London where they will preach the wonders of Bitcoin to the local public.

I contacted Bruce Thomas for comment and was told:

"I believe when the world wants Bitcoin it will be everywhere. And I hope that day comes fast."

As we discussed the project further, I was accused of

"You are starting to sound just like a banker."

and asked if I was

"..holding Bitcoin, on the fence of inercia, waxing lyrical and praying for a price spike so you can cash in?"

The project has so far raised £176 of which £100 was donated by co-founder Rhian Lewis. You can read more about the project at

The full discussion with Bruce Thomas is as below:

Bruce Thomas: I'll send you the IGG preview link, if you want. Some feedback would be good.

Cazalla: I've watched the YouTube video, I don't see it working as gift cards are for all where bitcoin isn't. Of course, that doesn't mean your igg will fail

Bruce Thomas: "Bitcoin.. say it with some fucking conviction!" I love the quote! You are spot on. BTW, I love your website. I saw at the POYNT article there, Bitcoin is reaching a tipping point.

Cazalla: What tipping point? People say these things all the time.

Bruce Thomas: Yeah they do. What do you think?

Cazalla: I don't know, the outcome isn't predicated on what i think anyway. Best one can do is join #bitcoin-assets and learn from the smart guys.

Bruce Thomas: I disagree totally. A bee can't kill a bear, but a swam can. That's what attracted me to your quote. That's the only thing that matters.

Cazalla: The swarm could but they don't and won't because they are stupid. Ya know.. otherwise we wouldn't have this problem of 6 billion bees unable to take down the bear. They are not capable of doing so.

Bruce Thomas: I think the people of Syria would also disagree with you. Anyway, I won't argue. You probably used to being right. Bitcoin is a fad. Right? I believe when the world wants Bitcoin it will be everywhere. And I hope that day comes fast.

Cazalla: You speak for the people of Syria.. gee you are modest! Why would you think I think Bitcoin is a fad? Bitcoin is for the new 1%, not the world. The day is coming fast but I think you will find it's not going to be an egalitarian future.

Bruce Thomas: What day is coming fast? "People say these things all the time."

Cazalla: No, they don't. It's usually said bitcoin is for the other 6 billion but with 13.x million mined, mining no longer being a hobby and the price in the hundreds of dollars, bitcoin is for the few, not the many. The day that is coming fast is the day where it is obvious to everyone spouting the communist rhetoric for the 6 billion bullshit about bitcoin that it is not for the many but for the few.

Bruce Thomas: What is your contribution? Or you holding Bitcoin, on the fence of inercia, waxing lyrical and praying for a price spike so you can cash in?

Cazalla: Why do you think I hold only to cash out later? Cash -> Bitcoin is a one way street. There is no reason to go back.

Bruce Thomas: You did not answer the question.

Cazalla: BTW, it's not like it's my decision as to what the future holds for Bitcoin, it is just how it is. You can be a part of it and join #b-a or simply continue to be a peasant in the this world and the next. I contribute things to my own benefit and those of #bitcoin-assets. I have no interest in doing things for the redditor bitcoiner.

Bruce Thomas: You are starting to sound just like a banker.

Cazalla: Do you really think Bitcoin does not already have an established hierarchy?

Bruce Thomas: That is a rhetorical question.

Cazalla: What is the point you're trying to make by insulting me with "sound like a banker" and that I'm only in this to cash back out into fiat?

Bruce Thomas: Well … are you? I don't know who you are.

Cazalla: what is your wot username?

Bruce Thomas: I don't have one. So cazalla what are you so fascinated with Bitcoin?

Cazalla: That it will destroy the socialist/communist policies being perpetrated upon me by governments and people too stupid to realise what they call liberty, democracy and everyone is equal type bullshit, is in fact socialist/communist and not real freedom. People are not equal. Bitcoin will ensure this is made obvious to the idiots that say otherwise.

Bruce Thomas: I agree with you entirely! Opium for the masses. Keep them calm while the "powers" do whatever they want to.

Cazalla: That's good, far too many people are going around quoting Andreas A as if what he speaks of has anything to do with real freedom. That guy, while popular, is as communist as they come.

Cazalla: What's your email address, I have some questions regarding your project that I would appreciate you could answer for an article on it.

No response since.

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