Coinbase Seeking A Risk Investigator

Qntra previously reported on the use of Voxis Platform, a payment platform used by carders to convert stolen credit cards into cash and/or bitcoin via payment processors such as PayPal, Stripe and Coinbase. At the time of publication, Qntra contacted Coinbase regarding the allegations and asked if they could confirm that the Voxis Platform was being used by carders to target Coinbase. Qntra was told we would receive a reply after it was forwarded to legal to which no response has been received.

Today we find that an account by the name of Coinbase is recruiting a Risk Investigator via the portal. The job description states:

"Reporting to the Head of Risk, the Risk Investigator analyzes scammer, fraudster, and hacker activity in order to keep Coinbase, our customers, and the bitcoin community safe from fraud and monetary loss."

Responsibilities include:

  • Investigate rings of scammer accounts purchasing bitcoin using stolen credentials.
  • Communicate with our banking partners on fraud and chargebacks.
  • Review reversed payments on the Coinbase platform.
  • Assess claims of merchant fraud.
  • Examine promotions for evidence of scams.
  • Analyze large, variable sets of data.
  • Explain extremely technical subject matter in layman's terms.

Is the demand for such a role the result of Voxis Platform? Qntra has once again contacted Coinbase for comment.

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