Sold For US $75,000 To Digital BTC has been sold for US $75,000, making it the largest price paid for a .org domain so far in 2014 according to DNJournal. The domain was purchased by digital BTC, an Australian bitcoin mining/software company. The sale was brokered via Domain Guardians, also known for having brokered the purchase of went up for sale in July of this year and in August was sold to con/scam artist Josh Garza of GAW Miners for US $1,000,000.

Speaking in regards to the sale, Jen Sale, co-founder of Domain Guardians said:

"Premium bitcoin-related domains, like COIN.ORG, are very much in high demand. This domain name will empower digitalBTC to develop a unique, authoritative brand in the bitcoin space, and we look forward to tracking their success!"

and Alex Karis, managing director and CEO for digital BTC stated:

"We are pleased to further expand our brand in the digital currency community with the acquisition of the domain name COIN.ORG. As the adoption of digital currency continues to surge, we will continue to seek opportunities to extend our network and advance the access to digital currency applications to mainstream and institutional users" was previously sold for US $4,000 via the GoDaddy domain auctions in November of 2013. At this time, the domain re-directs to until the new site is ready for release although it's unknown how the domain will actually be used.

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