Cody Wilson: "The Bitcoin Community Has Sold Out"

From the Conscious Resistance comes a short interview with Cody Wilson. Conducted on October 25th, Cody discusses his despair and pessimistic views on Bitcoin, including assassination markets:

Often when Libertarians discover assassination markets, they get euphoric. We have plenty of assassination markets now and it's foolish to think that the Libertarians win when they begin using it. I promise you, they will work but our enemy is much more resourced and capitalised than we are, much better at insider trading and so they can skew the event curve toward their own ends for a long time, especially as we're waiting for Bitcoin to enact this large transfer of wealth that we're all saying is coming and I'm pessimistic on that as well. Assassination markets in Bitcoin will work and work against you. The FBI uses grunts all the time to do its dirty work.

I have a real despair right now for the Libertarians in Bitcoin because they've almost jettisoned all other analysis and are just seeing things in term of Bitcoin and this euphoric day. Everything that's happened in Bitcoin since San Jose1 has been a capitulation, a let down, a total putting on the suit and tie for the legacy bankers and I've seen no authentic revolutionary projects in Bitcoin.

There is no reason for optimism, there's only reason for playing the game.. understand the stakes, play the game, if you know the rules, you can play but the rules are being completely ignored by people in Bitcoin right now all in favour of this.. euphoric, onboarding, mainstreaming, hold the Bitcoin, get people to use it, get grandma to use it.. there's no care for the user, no care for anonymity, no care for privacy.

When asked if an altcoin could fulfill the role of Bitcoin:

I subscribe to the beliefs of the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute, you've gotta play this game with Bitcoin.. when is the last time you even looked at Litecoin prices,..oh, how many Mastercoin have you got brother? That's ridiculous, you've gotta play the game with this cryptocurrency because this is where the game is now, don't take the rules to some other game, that's escapism, play with Bitcoin.. no-one's willing to play, everyone's just throwing down with New York or running as fast as they can to the Bay because they can finally be in a startup.

When asked what his role is:

..trying to help Amir, rehabilitate Amir, they've got a good thing going with Dark Wallet, we wanna keep it going, helping people who have the actual power and intimate knowledge of Bitcoin to do great things in Bitcoin.2

The full interview can be heard below.

  1. A reference to the Bitcoin 2013 Conference that was held on May 17-19, 2013. 

  2. Cody, start here, once Amir ODs and all. 

One thought on “Cody Wilson: "The Bitcoin Community Has Sold Out"

  1. Leaving aside the obvious "who the fuck is Cody" and "why would anyone care what some fucktard thinks that confuses Bitcoin with the derps talking about Bitcoin", there's always this.

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