Chris Popple Of RBS In Regards To Bitcoin: "We're Definitely Interested In It"

The latest episode in a documentary series produced by The Drum titled "The Day Before Tomorrow" looks at Bitcoin and discusses it with various people such as Jeremy Liew, Joel Raziel and Chris Popple. While the episode is typical of what you might expect from an outlet that knows little to nothing about Bitcoin, the interview with Chris Popple is a little interesting. Chris Popple is the Managing Director of Digital at The Royal Bank of Scotland and in regard to Bitcoin he states:

"Because it solves a real customer need, large and small, we're definitely interested in it but there are some pretty major issues that we're gonna need to either.. first as a bank and then as an industry come to terms with before we can really accept it as a valid form of barter."

The full episode can be viewed below with the Bitcoin segment beginning at 18:45.

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