Bulgarian SNAS Release on Operation Onymous

A number of interesting tidbits come out of the Bulgarian State Agency for National Security press release on Operation Onymous.

  • 129 of the Tor hidden services closed were located in Bulgaria
  • Three persons were arrested in Sofia, and from them were seized 1.5 kilograms of cocaine, 5 mobile phones, SIM cards, and a sum of money
  • In Plovdiv a Turkish National was allegedly detained with 40 kilograms of heroin spread over 78 packages, and the investigation continues in the case as another person is suspected of assisting.
  • Bulgarian official offered an exchange rate for the Lev which values 100,000 Lev at 1 kilogram of heroin.

2 thoughts on “Bulgarian SNAS Release on Operation Onymous

  1. I'm Bulgarian, only the first news appears to be connected to Tor.
    The news about the arrests in Sofia and Plovdiv seem to be separated, the guys were not using Tor.

  2. The "Bulgarian State Agency for National Security" says that worldwide were blocked 410 hidden sites, with 129 of them being Bulgarian. Sounds a bit unrealistic to me, but who knows.
    Nobody was arrested in Bulgaria so far. The agency used "the infrastructure of a hosting company in Bulgaria." They've copied all of the data from the servers of the hidden sites.

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