Boost VC Close $6.6 Million In Funding

Boost VC, a startup accelerator founded by Adam Draper and Brayton Williams, have closed USD $6.6 million in bezzle which will be used to fund and develop 200 companies over the next three years. Investors in this round include Adam Draper's father Tim Draper, grandfather Bill Draper, Marc Andreessen, Ben Davenport, Barry Schuler, Rothenberg Ventures, Maven II and Kilowatt Capital. 50% of the capital raised will be used to fund Bitcoin startups.

Adam Draper said:

"Our focus over the past three years has been to find the most innovative people starting world changing companies. We are interested in everything from Enterprise to Rockets, 3D printing to Bitcoin… and anything that gets us closer to building an Iron Man suit."

Bitcoin specific companies which recently graduated from Boost include:

  • Honeybadgr –  Honeybadgr is like.. we put a startup incubator in your startup incubator so you can incubate startups while you incubate startups. Founded by Derek Minter.
  • Orboros – Orboros provide analysis and visualization of blockchain data. Founded by Brian Bloomer.
  • Palarin – Palarin provide remittance using Bitcoin in the Philippines. Founded by Brian Gamido.
  • Plutus – A stealth startup. No incubator is complete without at least one.
  • Pylon – Pylon aims to enable users to borrow bitcoin anonymously. Founded by Kevin King.
  • SFOX – SFOX aims to provide traders with the lowest bitcoin price using proprietary algorithms. Founded by Akbar Thobhani and George Melika.
  • ZapChain – A social network for Bitcoiners.

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