Bank Hacker Who Blackmailed For Bitcoin to be Sentenced

Lewys Martin who plead guilty to hacking Halifax Bank and demanding a ransom of 2800 BTC in exchange for not releasing the details of 28,000 account holders will likely have his sentence announced according to City AM. A detail of particular note is that the police:

managed to trace Martin despite him using specialised software to shield his IP address.

3 thoughts on “Bank Hacker Who Blackmailed For Bitcoin to be Sentenced

  1. Lol. Maybe the next Martin will send his ransom notes from a throwaway computer at Starbucks or the local library. How hard is that ?

    • Could be hard, you got to mind the cameras.

      • Wireless networks aren't confined to the walls of the building and external camera networks are not only more sparse than internal ones, but the burden of proof is incrementally more challenging.

        I guess what I'm saying is, where there's a will and a brain, there's a way.

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