After Survery Vessenes' Foundation "Pivots"

In a blog post the communications and marketing director of Vessenes' Bitcoin Foundation Jinyoung Lee Englund announced that they would be shifting their focus almost entirely towards the goal of funding "core development" in the wake of results from a member survey. In the past this Foundation has engaged in a mix of activities including lobbying, marketing, and "outreach" in addition to providing Gavin Andressen a salary to work on the Foundation's fork of Satoshi's Bitcoin codebase. After justifying the move in their post they offer the following:

Some of the practical steps that are underway as we change course are: shedding anything that does not support core development, preparing to bring on at least one additional full-time developer for testing within the next several months, and launching at least 4 developer training and certification workshops around the world starting 2015.

It remains to be seen what practical effect this pivot will have, as well as the extent to which they will be able to effectively "shed" their other activities. Also to be revealed by the further iteration of time is the extent to which newer versions of the Vessenes' Foundation fork receive uptake by Bitcoin users and miners, especially in light of the Foundation proposing at least one very substantial network hardfork.

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