Write For Qntra, Earn Equity In Qntra

One of the deciding factors when launching Qntra was that the vast majority of bitcoin news websites are corrupted and/or co-opted by dubious companies who wish to advertise their preorders, nonexistent and misleading products to as wide an audience as possible. Pay the entry fee and they gladly promote anything, the content acts as filler for the scamvertisements.

We're going to change that by using a model that will "provide ample financial and political incentive" to do so. Today marks the day that Qntra was listed by MPEx and if you wish to be a part of that, you can earn equity in Qntra by having qualified articles published here.1

By contributing news, views and commentary, you will receive an amount of shares equal to the word count of your article. Whether you decide to keep them, sell them or perhaps buy more, the choice is yours2. You can contact either cazalla or BingoBoingo if you wish to discuss it further and learn more about how Qntra got its start here.

  1. Original content with sources. 

  2. You will require an MPEx account or broker, CoinBr for example 

2 thoughts on “Write For Qntra, Earn Equity In Qntra

  1. This is exciting, looking forward to ignoring CoinDesk forever.

    Might want to add a disclaimer that submitted pieces are subject to editing for style & length. I guess that might be obvious, but your incentive structure seems to reward verbosity, which is the bane of good writing.

    • Well, it rewards people for producing more. There are good ways to do long form stories, but the hope is that people will produce multiple stories.

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