Woman Uses Stomach Wallet Instead Of Brain Wallet

A woman flying from Brussels to the Dominican Republic has been arrested under suspicion of money smuggling. In an attempt to transfer USD $139,000 into the country, the 40 year old woman opted to swallow 16 capsules carrying a total of $70,000 while the remaining $69,000 was hidden inside her suitcase.

The National Drug Control Agency of Dominica believes it likely that the money is tied to drug trafficking although this is the first time they have caught someone "smuggling money in their stomach."

When people choose to use a stomach wallet instead of a brain wallet, it's clear that they are not getting the message that “Bitcoin is for the other 6 billion.”

Source – http://bigstory.ap.org/article/5d73e1f3bd724752894371e178e7e33e/dominican-agents-detain-woman-70k-stomach

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