Wix.com Integration With snapCard Allows Sites To Accept Bitcoin

All Wix members can now accept bitcoin on their websites or blogs with the snapCard widget. Wix.com is an online based website builder that includes simple drag n' drop features as well as free hosting for their members. In conjunction with Boost.vc, Snapcard was founded on Black Friday in 2013. Their goal is to "help bring liquidity to the Bitcoin currency" by giving users the ability to purchase items from online retailers such as Amazon and Staples.

The Snapcard Payments widget isn't limited to Bitcoin, but supports Litecoin, Ripple and Dogecoin as well. In turn, this partnership can prove beneficial to the cryptocurrency communities. Snapcard's innovation will supposedly help local offline merchant adoption in the future but remains to be seen.

Snapcard’s team members claim an extensive background in economics and financial planning. The Snapcard team is working in conjunction with Boost.vc, a startup accelerator that assists in building world changing companies.

2 thoughts on “Wix.com Integration With snapCard Allows Sites To Accept Bitcoin

  1. Great news for web developers. International processing isn't always a viable option and increasing market coverage of BTC is always a plus

  2. I'm not a huge fan of Wix, but I'm glad processors are stepping up and supporting small businesses to get them engaged in the bitcoin community.

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