TorrentLocker Hits Mildura Based Businesses

Yesterday Qntra reported on the ransomware known as TorrentLocker spreading through Italian local councils. Today come reports of what is likely the same ransomware affecting local businesses in the region of Mildura, Australia.

From the Sunraysia Daily:

"Det Sgt Mailes said the Victoria Police E-Crimes Squad members were assisting with the investigation. He said the business owners activated the virus by opening an email marked as being from Australia Post or a utility provider."

Stating that the sender is Australia Post is a clever tactic as Australia Post actually does send out unsolicited email updates about packages en route to a customer.

"It’s very hard to track and most likely done overseas, and the only advice police can give you is to back up your computer daily and keep a master copy locked away."

When CryptoLocker was doing the rounds, some police stations also fell victim to it, so take their advice with a grain of salt.

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