Swedish Enforcement Agency To Look If Debtors Own Bitcoin

The Swedish Enforcement Authority, which is a government agency that enforces judgements both public and private, has announced it will begin investigating whether debtors have stashed away or hidden bitcoins.

Johannes Paulsson, a business developer at SEA said:

"My colleagues need to get better at keeping an eye out for where bitcoins can occur. We need to be aware that assets are not only the car standing in the driveway or the money available in the bank account."

SEA has been instructed to actively look for bitcoin when searching for assets in the debt recovery process. To date, no seizures have been reported although the agency believes it is likely they have simply overlooked bitcoin in previous cases of asset foreiture.

Source – http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=1646&artikel=5983956

2 thoughts on “Swedish Enforcement Agency To Look If Debtors Own Bitcoin

  1. Let's wish them good luck then, they might need some.

  2. Rectothermal confiscators are a 'when' and not an 'if.'

    Plan accordingly.

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