RockMiner and ASICMINER Form Mining Cartel to Launch AMHash1

ZeusMiner a scrypt mining hardware producer announced in September their partnership with RockMiner to help enter the Bitcoin market. RockMiner then announced they would also be partnering with ASICMINER and XBTec in launching AMHash1  mining fund on Havelock Investments.

ASICMINER fell on hard times this year as they ceased dividend payments in March citing cash flow issues as the problem. The company's cash flow report dated May 27th, 2014 indicated the company had been operating on a nearly $2 million deficit for the quarter. In a brief FAQ the company stated it was shutting down its mining farms in an effort to focus solely on hardware production.

ASICMINER appears to be changing direction again in its involvement with the AMHash1 offering, which serves as a 5 Petahash perpetual mining bond divided into 5 million 1 Gigahash units. ASICMiner, RockMiner, XBTec and ZeusMining will all contribute hardware for the AMHash1 datacenter. The IPO started October 24th, and will conclude November 4th. However the fund has yet to pay dividends1, though stating daily payouts in the prospectus.

  1. as of the publication of this article 

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