Robocoin Removed By Australian Police As Part Of Drug Arrests

Operation Juliet Wave, a 2 year drug trafficking investigation culminated today in the execution of 18 search warrants across Queensland as well as numerous arrests, one of which include the proprietor of a Brisbane coffee shop in which a Bitcoin ATM was installed earlier this year.

The Roastery Cafe in Brisbane, which also accepts bitcoin for its coffee, featured a Bit2Bit branded Robocoin machine. The ATM has now been removed by police, likely claimed as evidence. It's unknown at this time if the machine was used in part to launder proceeds of the AUD $2.6 million in drugs police have seized.

Bruce Carrall, co-owner of the cafe as well as a stakeholder in Bit2Bit, has been charged with drug trafficking offences. Police will allege he was involved, along with former Bandidos members, in dealing methylamphetamine as well as methylamphetamine oil.

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