Pool's Closed For Crypto Money Expo

Crypto Money Expo, the brainchild of Eyal Abramovitch, is an online Bitcoin conference which runs December 5th through 6th, 2014. Speakers include Matthew Rosak1, Peter Todd2, Sam Onat Yilmaz3, David Johnston4, J.R Willett5, Kirk St Johns6, Ofir Beigel7, Aric Fedida8, Evan Duffield9 and Matan Guter10.

Both conference founder Eyal Abramovitch and speaker/sponsor Ofir Beigel are members of Meni Rosenfeld's Israeli bitcoiner meetup. The expo will use software created by Expolike of which Israeli Matan Guter is CEO and also just happens to be a speaker at this event.

That a bunch of Israeli friends wish to get together and play Habbo Hotel is of no consequence to anyone but the Crypto Money Expo is also seeking sponsors for this event to the tune of $10,000 for a platinum sponsorship.

From the sponsorship PDF11 come a list of packages including:

  • Platinum Sponsor – $10,000
  • Gold Sponsor – $5,000
  • Bar Room Sponsor – $3,500
  • Lecture Room Sponsor – $3,500
  • Additional Roll Ups – $400
  • Catch The Bull Game – $2,500
  • Pack of 5 Models – $1,500

Sponsors so far include CoinTelegraph, CoinFire, Investing.com, Epicenter Bitcoin as well as 99Bitcoins. Founder of 99Bitcoins, Ofir Beigel who

"has been dealing with various forms of online marketing since 2008 including PPC, SEO, email marketing, content marketing"

might include in his talk how you can make money from flogging self admitted ponzi schemes such as Bitcoin Trader12 to your readers.

I say to these Habbo Hotel players, pool's closed!

  1. Tally Capital, a VC firm. 

  2. Bitcoin core developer. 

  3. Co-founder of the Decentralised Applications Fund. 

  4. Mastercoin. 

  5. Mastercoin. 

  6. MerchantCoin. 

  7. 99Bitcoins. 

  8. InterWallet. 

  9. Creator of Darkcoin. 

  10. CEO of ExpoLike. 

  11. Screenshots available below article. 

  12. "To sum things up I think Bitcoin Trader is a viable investment opportunity at the moment." 

3 thoughts on “Pool's Closed For Crypto Money Expo

  1. Am I entirely off base in my belief the habbo hotel thing is pretty much the last remaining, well known and well advertised child porn marketplace online ?

  2. wow this virtual expo thing is the future! great time to be alive!

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