Newsweeklied, Lied

On March 14th, 2014, Newsweek published a story titled “The Face Behind Bitcoin” written by Leah McGrath. In the article Ms. McGrath stated “Standing before me, eyes downcast, appeared to be the father of Bitcoin.” While Newsweek claimed that they had discovered “the face behind Bitcoin.” Dorian Nakamato denied having anything to do with it.

A little over a week ago,, The Dorian Nakamoto Legal Defense Fund launched. However, there are a many flaws and concerns we have over the authenticity of the “legal fund.”

One of the major red flags is the lack of transparency with the project. Although asserts the effort is authorized and endorsed by Dorian, there is no evidence of such. Also, in the footer of the Newsweeklied site it states “The Fund may accept unlimited personal and corporate contributions. Contributions are not tax deductible.”


It’s peculiar that contributions wouldn’t be tax deductible considering the fund is supposedly established. The fact that the webmaster included the first statement saying unlimited personal and corporate contributions are okay is odd. Andreas Antonopoulos claimed "This is in fact backed by Dorian Nakamoto." Caveat emptor.

One thought on “Newsweeklied, Lied

  1. Oh Andreas says it's legit, I guess it must be ok…ha ha

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