News Alert – Old Man Doesn't Understand Bitcoin

Author and journalist Jeffrey Robinson1 "has turned his attention to Bitcoin" and he doesn't like what he sees. His latest book2 titled "Bitcon, The Naked Truth about Bitcoin"3 reveals Bitcoin to be nothing more than a pretend currency.

Senile Old ManJeffrey Robinson first heard about Bitcoin "about 2 years ago" and paid very little attention to it. With yet another regret to add to his growing list, Jeffrey decided to double down on his loss and write a book where he states that Bitcoin is not very much good for anything4.

Pulling back the curtain, checking all of the facts put out by the Bitcoin Foundation and having stripped it bare, he decided it was time to tell the truth and write a book5.

Jeffrey thinks he is clever because he points out that Dell, Dish Network and Expedia don't really accept bitcoin because they use Bitpay and Coinbase to exchange the coins for dollars. Jeffrey says "nobody wants this stuff" which is why they dump it for dollars instead of keeping it on the books.

A lover of "blockchain technology", Jeffrey looks forward to the day he can sell you a car and should you miss a payment, he can get on the blockchain, push a button and disable the ignition. The full interview can be seen here.

  1. Jeffrey Robinson (born 1945) is an American author of 28 books. 

  2. Keep in mind it is only available via Kindle at this time. 


  4. Yet he goes on to contradict himself. 

  5. ebook. 

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