mSIGNA Bitcoin Wallet To Debut This Weekend

Described as the first scalable multisignature account management system, Ciphrex will release its latest product, mSIGNA, at the Inside Bitcoins conference1. Ciphrex's co-CEO and CTO, Eric Lombrozo, will also give a talk2 to coincide with the latest release.

The mSIGNA bitcoin wallet allows offline keychain generation, offline signing, multi-device synch, m of n multisig account management as well as multiple blockchain support. Using the software, accounts can be configured to allow any number of authorised and necessary signatures, dependent on the signing policy a company wishes to implement.

For example, a company might create a signing policy with 5 authorised signatures of which a minimum of 3 would be required to broadcast a transaction. Once the required signatures have been obtained, mSIGNA broadcasts the transaction to the Bitcoin network.

Eric Lombrozo has previously worked on other open source projects such as Ripple and Ethereum, contributing source code as well as ideas to these projects.

mSIGMA will be available for download from the Ciphrex website starting October 5th with PC and Mac versions available to users.

  1. The convention will be held on October 5th, 6th and 7th at the Flamingo in Las Vegas. 

  2. titled Bitcoin Security: A Practical Perspective which aims to provide an overview of the practices one must undertake to secure bitcoin at the individual and enterprise level. 

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