Mirakl Enables Its Customers To Accept Bitcoin

Mirakl, the French software company which provides a SaaS based online marketplace solution, is now enabling its retail customers to accept bitcoin as a payment option to customers on their websites.

Galeries Lafayette, Rueducommerce, Darty, Mistergooddeal, Nature et Découvertes, Medicanimal and Godsavethekids are just some of the clients which use Mirakl's software. In 2014, the company took part in Ubifrance which focuses on export promotion with hopes to expand in the United States.

Adrien Nussenbaum1 is not expecting a huge turnover from bitcoin payments at this time but thought it prudent to assist clients in being prepared and ready for when their customers embrace it. He believes that Bitcoin cannot be dismissed as a fad and that it is rich in potential.

As a payment option, Bitcoin was the obvious next step for Mirakl. "Consumers are completely comfortable buying from online marketplaces and will one day want to do so using Bitcoin – our customers will be ready for that.” said Adrien Nussenbaum.

  1. Co-founder of Mirakl. 

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