Melbourne Group Works For Bitcoin ASX Listing

The "Bitcoin Group" of Melbourne Australia aspires to list on the Australian Securities Exchange reports the Sydney Morning Herald. The Group was founded by Sam Lee and to this point funded by Chinese fire safety mogul Allan Gao. The prospectus will be filed October 22nd with the offer opening October 29th. In related news the Australian Senate has on open call for submission related to its inquiry on Bitcoin regulations which closes November 28th. Presently the group focuses on arbitrage, which they admit will face shrinking returns if more market makers compete in this area.

Sam Lee, the founder and owner of Bitcoin Group, fell victim to a social engineering attack in July of 2014. Someone who claimed to be a journalist, requested an interview with Sam and then tricked him into clicking a link which allowed the attacker to export the passwords saved in Sam's browser. The attacker then compromised the domain and website and sent instructions to a staff member to transfer 100 bitcoins to an address which was done.

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