KnC Wallet Now Available For iOS Users

KnCMiner has launched a new Bitcoin wallet aptly named KnC Wallet. While previously only available on Android devices, the "secure, user-friendly interface that will appeal to Bitcoin beginners"1 application is now available for users of iOS.

While the Android version of the wallet is based on open source code from Andreas Schildbach, the iOS version is based on open source code from Aaron Vosine. The code for the wallets can be inspected on the KnCGroup github.

KnC Wallet features a friends list which uses your mobile contacts to match your friends bitcoin addresses with your mobile number although they state they will not store all of your telephone contacts, only your own number and bitcoin addresses.

The wallet works in conjunction with which is a service that allows you to register a unique username to a corresponding bitcoin address. For example, should you need to send Vitalik Buterin some bitcoin, you can add him to your contacts under the username +vitalik and then send the coins without needing to know his bitcoin address. uses twitter to publicly verify an individual is who they claim to be.

While the wallet is stored locally, KnC Wallet allows the user to keep a backup on sites such as Google Drive, Dropbox and iCloud.

  1. said Sam Cole, chief executive officer of KnCMiner 

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