Keeping Bitcoin is a Hard Problem

A myriad of factors work against Bitcoin when it is in the hands of the lay person. Let us consider just a few of the reasons.

  • Your own consumer computing hardware is open to infestation by mice of the informed or persistent variety and remediation of these problems is a long road.
  • Every where you might listen for information will fill with the worst cacophonous noise working to sell you untruths. Tungsten melts in your mouth. Thermos is fit to run discussion venues with pretense of authority. Andreas is alive and well in Bitcoin.
  • People will try to sell things they don't possess and buy things with money they lack. Just because this scam is older than the Brooklyn Bridge doesn't mean it isn't alive and well this century.
  • Various lab modified organisms pretending to be persons will spread the canon of untruth unrepentantly with little fear as there isn't sufficient capacity to reprocess biomass of their kind to diesel yet.
  • The police actively demand you compromise your security in the name of the children. Not necessarily your own children mind you, but the idea of children in the abstract. Because what threat can a pervert without a proper mustache pose to your children when compared to a strong computing machine designed for general purpose use?
  • When people are bored, poor, and hungry they tend to steal stuff. Some years and places it is copper to sell to recyclers. Other times and places it is to sell to Greek perverts. Even if you abstract out every other threat when people can't feed themselves they might pursue anything of value they can trade for three hots and a cot. As something with a value that is disappearing no time soon wearing an I <3 Bitcoin t-shirt without an army to protect the wearer may be a foolhardy venture.

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