Justcoin Exchange Closing

Justcoin is shutting their doors. The announcement on their blog simply reads:

Justcoin is shutting down. Affected users, check your email

But the email reportedly sent to users goes into a bit more detail. Trading closes tomorrow, October 29th, and the deadline to withdraw coins is November 11th. The official reason the email offers for the closure is that their banking situation has become untenable. Justcoin earlier was hit with a flaw in Ripple that adversely affected their balances as well. The full email as reported is below:

Dear Justcoin user,

Deposits are closed. Trading will close tomorrow, October 29th. We urge all users to withdraw their funds as soon as possible. Final deadline for withdrawals is November 11th. You may find useful information on wallets at https://bitcoin.org/en/choose-your-wallet.

Please allow up to 24 hours for your withdrawals to process. We will manually batch withdrawals of all currencies. Cancelling a requested withdrawal will put you in the back of the line.

Justcoin is shutting down all operations. Our bank has notified us that it will no longer accept businesses dealing with digital currencies. The same goes for other Norwegian banks. Without a bank account we have no business and need to shut down. This event demonstrates the need for decentralized payment networks.

If you need help or have problems with the withdrawal process please contact support@justcoin.com. We want to thank all our loyal customers for their support and wish you all the best.

Thank you,

Klaus & Andreas, founders.

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