James' Home Services To Begin Trialling Bitcoin

James' Home Services, which is an Australian cleaning and home services business, is to begin trialling bitcoin payments. The company recently released an app which allows customers to book house cleaning, lawn mowing plus more from their phone or tablet and pay with credit card or cash. Bitcoin payments are currently being trialled and are due to come online soon.

In and of itself, it's not overly interesting that a random company is accepting bitcoin. What is a little interesting in this case is the timing. It was only last month that Robert James1 fronted a Brisbane court to tell the magistrate that he has not hidden any of his fortune.

Sued by Westpac2 to pay off debts of 1.9 million, Mr James claims he couldn't even afford to pay for the fuel and parking to get to Brisbane. Still owing $500,000 to Westpac, Justice Daubney asked where the remaining funds would come from but Mr James replied "I haven't got it."

I am not suggesting that Mr James has stashed away some bitcoin, but all the same, the timing is curious.

  1. Founder of James' Home Services 

  2. 1 of the big 4 banks in Australia. 

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