Ivee Device Can Now Quote Bitcoin Prices

Bitcoin Shop has today announced that it will become the default provider of digital currency information for ivee. The device is also now available to purchase from Bitcoin Shop with bitcoin.

Ivee is a voice-activated device that can answer your questions, obey commands such as turning on/off your TV and control your Internet connected devices. The agreement with Bitcoin Shop will enable users to ask the device to quote prices for bitcoin as well as litecoin and dogecoin.

CEO of Bitcoin Shop, Charles Allen said the company was thrilled to partner with ivee as connecting the "Internet of Things1 to digital currency" was a great way to not only increase the adoption of digital currencies but bring greater awareness.

Jonathon Nostrant, founder2 and CEO of ivee said it was only natural for the device to encompass new technologies and that he is pleased to work with Bitcoin Shop to provide ivee users with pricing information for bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin. In 2013, ivee raised $159,606 via Kickstarter to develop and manufacture the voice activated assistant. A pledge of $10,000 or more provided the winners with a tour of the factory in Shenzen, of which there were 2 takers.

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