God Is A Gamer By Ravi Subramanian

Ravi Subramanian, a former banker turned writer is a popular Indian author who has written financial thrillers such as If God Was a Banker amongst many other titles. His latest book, God is a Gamer, was published in September and is available for purchase. In the book, bitcoin features as a key ingredient throughout the story.

The book, which borrows heavily from real life, sees an entrepreneur struggle to keep his gaming company afloat until he is introduced to the shady world of Bitcoin and the Dark Net by his partner, who also happens to be a part time drug dealer and genius. But as they turn the company around with ill-gotten gains, disaster strikes. As the bodies begin to drop, the heat gets turned up until the FBI are sent to India to investigate.

The author is no stranger to Bitcoin, having began following it a number of years ago. Ravi used bitcoin as the overarching theme of his book due to his conviction that Bitcoin is not only the future but that it will single-handedly change the way we do business.

The book is available to purchase as a paperback via Amazon India or via Amazon Kindle. A book video preview can be seen here.

Source – http://authorravi.com/2014/08/02/godisagamer/

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