Gamer Currency HYPER Goes Where Bitcoin Can't (Into The Bin)

Heavily promoted by David Seaman, HYPER, a PoS altcoin marketed at gamers which claims it can go where Bitcoin cannot, has released details of upcoming developments.

Firstly, HYPER will soon be available for purchase with a credit card via PayPal. How they intend to combat chargebacks, stolen accounts and other types of fraud is unknown. It is currently available to purchase through exchanges such as Bittrex.

Secondly, HYPER will soon be "integrated" into games such as World of Warcraft1, Team Fortress 2 and Just Cause 2. HYPER use a loose definition of the word integrated because the altcoin is in fact not integrated into these games at all.

For example, HYPER currently run a casual CSGO2 server which rewards users with points which can in turn be redeemed for HYPER outside of the game. But no-one in the CSGO scene actually cares to play on casual servers, instead opting to play ranked matches which can only be done on Valve's servers which HYPER cannot "integrate" with. The HYPER team have clearly not thought this through if they believe CSGO players will abandon ranked matches in favour of their casual servers.

Also, HYPER's claims of integrating with WoW are likely to amount to nothing more than scraping the WoW armoury website and rewarding points based on that. This is something easily abused as win trading is rampant in arena matches.

The HYPER news offers very little to get excited about nor is it anything new. LEETcoin, which uses bitcoin, has been available for some time and can be used by players to place bitcoin bets on League of Legends games.

  1. Arena matches 

  2. Counter-Strike Global Offensive 

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