Dogecoin Facebook Contributor to Jail

After the other events of this week rocking Dogecoin, a contributor to the official Dogecoin Facebook page will be going to jail for financial crimes he admits to committing between 2008 and 2011. His post announcing this news is below:

You've all heard the recent scandal with what's been called as #moogate‬. It shocked the Dogecoin community at large.

Today however, I want to make a confession about my past, and it's not so far from Mr. Ryan, or Alex or whatever his name is, past.

My name is Kasper and I'm one of the content creators here on this page. I've been a Dogecoin-enthusiast since december 2013. I got the trust and blessing from Jackson (the Dogefather) to operate this page along with Oskar after the merging of the various unofficial Dogecoin pages on Facebook. I will understand if I'm no longer fit for the job after this post, I've had my fun.

So, to the point… What I havn't disclosed, is my own criminal past.

Between the years 2008 and 2011, I was actively engaged in the darker side of the internet. I was a cyber-criminal using the common flaws in credit-cards and activly exploiting merchant-systems and collecting vast quantities of databases for illicit use. I also had a big gambling problem, which contributed to seek out more ways of getting funding for my bad habit even more.

In may of 2011, my home was raided by the Swedish police and i was incarsarated in isolation for over three months. Earlier this year, i got sentenced to over a year in prison and 1 million SEK (about $140,000) in fines. I've withdrawn my appeal and will begin to serve time sometime next week. I've never been in contact with the law otherwise and I never ever plan to become a subject of criminal justice ever again.

Stupidity and greed. I really regret it and now I have to pay for it.

Do not be a criminal. Make good for the world!

Also, sorry for my bad english.

– Kasper Rudstedt

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