Dell Sells Excess Capacity To Bitcoin ASIC Miners

Contracts that are short and cheap, provide huge capacity and room to grow quickly are just some of the requirements that bitcoin miners demand from data centres. But these needs are not met by the type of product that your typical colocation company provides. On the other hand, it's nothing new that some companies find themselves with more space than required but what is new is that now, that excess capacity is being used for bitcoin ASIC hosting.

Dell, which also began accepting bitcoin as payment earlier this year, has brokered an agreement with a Seattle based company which will onsell excess capacity to bitcoin miners from within Dell's 40,000 square foot data centre located in Quincy, Washington.

The three year deal will allow Allen Oh, co-founder and principal at Bitcoin ASIC Hosting, to sell up to 4 megawatts of capacity to cater to a specific type of miner; individual customers who don't fit the criteria to be described as industrial miners.

At the same time, the 4 person team is fitting out a 1 megawatt facility located 45 minutes from the Quincy operation in Wenatchee. Having learned exactly what customers need, Bitcoin ASIC Hosting is spending twice as much on the new data centre when compared to their older facility.

4 thoughts on “Dell Sells Excess Capacity To Bitcoin ASIC Miners

  1. What is the source of this news?

    A shitty press release sent to the Data center magazine? Did you get confirmation from Dell?

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