CryptosNews Join The Shenanigans At StartJOIN

CryptosNews, a news website project by the Europe Crypto Group has received a small amount of backing1 from none other than Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert.

Using the crowd funding platform StartJoin, the team are seeking £800 to "support and inform the world of all the innovations and benefits we can get from the blockchain technology." in the form of a news website. The group have previously sought funding for a down payment on a Telsa Model S2 emblazoned with a Bitcoin logo which they planned to drive across Europe as well as raising money to develop a "Decentralized Crypto Exchange"3.

StartJoin, a kickstarter type site which has been used to promote projects such as physical MaxCoins in the past4, recently created its own coin, named StartCOIN, which can be earned by users of the website who support and donate money towards projects on StarJoin. The coin, launched by Max Keiser, is the second for him having previously launched Maxcoin.

  1. 11 backers, raised £265 so far 

  2. 13 backers, raised €330 

  3. 1 backer, raised €5 

  4. 440 backers, raised $89,108 

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