Launches Bitcoin Wallet For Emerging Markets, a Bitcoin exchange located in the Philippines, today launched what they describe as a bitcoin wallet that caters to the needs of users in emerging markets.

With an emphasis on sending money to family and friends, paying bills as well as purchasing prepaid mobile phone credit, Ron Hose1 said that these features are the difference between how bitcoin is used in the US compared to how it is used in the Philippines. 75% of Filipinos remain unbanked and it's hoped the new wallet will allow them to avoid banks and high fees from remitters such as Western Union.

The wallet, which is only available for Android at this time, allows Filipinos to send and receive money with nothing more than an email address. Bitcoins can also be sent and redeemed as cash from over 5000 padala centres, SmartMoney, Gcash and door to door services such as 2GO Quikcash and LBC Pesopak.

The iOS version of the wallet is currently under development.

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  1. Co-founded along with Runar Petursson. 

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