Carders Cashing Out Into Bitcoin/Cash Via Coinbase & Others

Voxis Platform, a payment platform which enables carders to avoid credit card fraud detection by automating the behaviour of typical online spending habits, is allegedly being used to turn stolen credit cards into cash and/or bitcoin via payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe and Coinbase.

In the article by IntelCrawler, screenshots show services for the platform are already popping up whereby a carder can purchase a package deal including hosting, a domain name, random goods with pictures and product descriptions and site integration with a payment processor such as Coinbase. Buyers then need only begin running their stolen card data through their newly created one stop carding shop to cash them out into cash or bitcoin.

Voxis Platform supports payment gateways including:

  • Coinbase
  • Eway Rapid
  • FirstData Connect
  • GoCardless
  • Migs ThreeParty
  • Migs TwoParty
  • Mollie
  • MultiSafepay
  • Netaxept
  • NetBanx
  • PayFast
  • Payflow Pro
  • PaymentExpress
  • PxPay
  • PaymentExpress PxPost
  • PayPal Express
  • PayPal Pro
  • Pin
  • SagePay Direct
  • SagePay Server
  • SecurePay DirectPost
  • Stripe
  • TargetPay
  • Directebanking
  • Targetpay Ideal
  • TargetPay Mrcash
  • TwoCheckout
  • WorldPay

Qntra has contacted Coinbase for comment.

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