Canadian VPN Provider SurfEasy Team Up With BitPay

The Canadian privacy company SurfEasy, which markets itself as a no-log VPN provider, today announced they have teamed up with BitPay to enable customers to pay using bitcoin when purchasing the privacy based products it offers.

SurfEasy believe accepting bitcoin payments through an intermediary such as BitPay will assist in maintaining privacy for their users and that it is the logical next step given their goal is to make the Internet a safer place where users can protect said privacy.

"Because bitcoin transactions don’t transmit vulnerable information, bitcoin is able to protect users from fraudulent charges and identity theft. This feature is not only valuable for the consumer, but companies like SurfEasy which value the protection of their customer’s privacy." said Stephanie Wargo, VP of Marketing, BitPay.

But as always, buyer beware! The SurfEasy privacy policy states:

We may collect and disclose personal information, including your usage data, to governmental authorities or agencies, including law enforcement agencies, at their request or pursuant to a court order, subpoena or other legal process, if there is a good faith belief that such collection or disclosure is required by law.

It continues:

We may also collect information such as your name, address, phone number and payment information in connection with your purchase of our products and services. This information is used to fulfill your purchase and to bill you as necessary based on your service plan.

Would information such as a bitcoin address used to send payment to BitPay for SurfEasy's products be provided to law enforcement upon request? BitPay and SurfEasy have been contacted for comment.

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