Breakout Gaming Release BRO Coin Details

Breakout Gaming, a startup that plans to offer poker, blackjack, slots and fantasy sports amongst other casino type games, have revealed details of its BRO Coin which will be the coin of choice for betting on the site1.

In order to facilitate the adoption of BRO, 7 million will be given away for free through various programs such as free tournaments, referral and sign up bonuses. It's hoped that this will help market and support the coin during the first 2 years of its life.

Though these promotions will only begin after the completion of what Breakout Gaming is calling its ICO2. Pitched as a means for crypto enthusiasts and gamers all over the world to get in on the ground floor, the 21st of October ICO will see 4.5 million BRO up for grabs.

Breakout Gaming will accept Bitcoin only for the purchase of BRO. They are also offering a bonus depending on how fast BRO investors purchase the coin during the ICO. The faster investors purchase BRO, the greater the bonus will be.

Funds raised during the ICO will be used for marketing, a stealth address wallet, custom Bergstake pools and continued development, ongoing coin security and additional staff.

2.5 million BRO will be kept to pay for developers, marketing, pros and bounties. This amount is separate to the funds raised in the ICO itself. An additional 7 million BRO will be available to mine during the PoW phase3 before being phased out for a PoS titled Bergstake.

The project has drawn poker pros such as Johnny Chan, Ted Forrest, Todd Brunson, Jennifer Harman, David Beyamine, Huck Seed plus others. The management team include David Hanlon4, Bonner Bellew5, Joshua Wells6, David Gzesh7, Jay Berg8 and Tom Johnson9.

  1. Bitcoin may be deposited but must be exchanged for BRO in order to place a wager 

  2. Initial Coin Offering. 

  3. 2 years. 

  4. Former CFO of Caeser’s World, President of Harrah’s Marina and Trump Plaza, COO of Rio Suites Hotel Casino, and CEO at Empire Resorts. 

  5. CEO of Soda & Lime and a previous founder of Rocket XL/Dare. He is an Emmy award winning Creative Director that has developed pioneering campaigns for Universal, Sony, HBO, Disney, Showtime, Warner Brother, Fox, DreamWorks, Nike, Budweiser and more. 

  6. Former Creative Director for TMZ 

  7. Former CEO of failed poker site Doyle's Room 

  8. Founder of Satoshi Fantasy and designer and developer of Breakout Coin. 

  9. Stanford Ph.D with a background in risk management, hedging, trading and algorithms 

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