Boost VC and ZapChain Team Up To Create The Bitcoin Course

Zapchain, a Bitcoin social network1 and Draper University, an "innovative and disruptive school for entrepreneurs" have teamed up to offer a free online course on Bitcoin. Zapchain features "Bitcoin Influencers" such as Jackson Palmer2, Adam Draper3 and others such as Jesse Powell4.

Targeted at new users as well as those who lack a technical understanding of Bitcoin, Adam Draper, son of Tim Draper, said that the course "answers all the questions by giving access to the experts in the Bitcoin space, no one else has done this in a quality way."

The course, which will give students access to entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and engineers from Silicon Valley, aims to educate students on current and future uses of Bitcoin and how it might change and shape the world.

Matt Schlicht5, who believes Bitcoin can enable innovation in many areas of the world remarked that "I can't wait to see the new products created by people who take the Bitcoin Course."

The Bitcoin Course begins October 22, 2014. Aspiring students can find out more information at

  1. Which requires Facebook login to create an account. 

  2. Dogecoin. 

  3. Boost VC. 

  4. Founder of Kraken. 

  5. Co-Founder of Zapchain and has previously worked as a Product Manager and in Business Development for Ustream. 

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