Blackmailers: Pay Us One Million Euro In Bitcoin Or We Will Spread Ebola

The AFP today report that an individual or group are threatening to release Ebola1 throughout the Czech Republic unless the equivalent of one million Euros in bitcoin is paid to them from the Czech Republic government.

TV Nova, one of the country's commercial TV stations, published the contents of an email2 that the blackmailers allegedly sent to the government. The Interior Ministry of the Czech Republic remarked that the threat used

”very sophisticated methods of communication”

but did not elaborate on the contents of the email or what "sophisticated methods" were actually used in sending it.

UOOZ, the anti-organised crime squad, said such criminal acts could result in prison time of up to 12 years for the perpetrator/s.

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  1. Good luck, Ebola-chan! 

  2. Which is unable to be found at this time. 

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