Allows Users To Complete And Set Tasks For Bitcoin is a new website that allows users to complete tasks set by others and earn bitcoin upon completion. Users can also create a task for others to complete at a rate they are willing to pay for it to be done.

Once you have created an account, which doesn't require an email address or other personal information, you can quickly begin or create tasks. As the site is quite new, there are few tasks to complete but the concept is an interesting one and somewhat mechanical turkish in nature.

Bitwork Payouts contacted the developer to ask some questions about the new website.

What is your history with Bitcoin to date?

I'm a huge believer in Bitcoin as the currency of the future. It's such an amazing technology from the social and technical points of view. This is my first major project with Bitcoin.

Why did you create

I created BitWork because my girlfriend was looking into doing some micro work on competing sites and found their sign up requirements ridiculous, and their interface hard to use. I knew people used faucets to earn Bitcoin, and I figured the same people who would use faucets could instead to tasks for other people.

What is your background and have you created any other bitcoin sites or applications?

I'm a 23 year old developer living in Silicon Valley. I currently work for one of the largest consulting companies doing software development. I worked with a friend on Bits To Change, but he stopped working on that project, though it's still in flight.

What is your vision for going forward? Is it just a hobby or do you have plans to develop it further?

Right now, I just do BitWork in my spare time. But I'd love for it to be used enough to make it a full time job or a company. I'm actively developing features, and have only released it now because the core flow is complete. I have many features planned.

What language is the site written in?

The site is a single page AngularJS app with ruby on rails as the backend.

How do you secure user deposits?

Every task has a unique bitcoin wallet for funding purposes. Funds sent there stay in that wallet until the task is complete. The private keys are generated when the task is created, and the unique part of the private key is stored in the database. There are other pieces of information needed to derive the private keys that is stored outside of the database. Security is something I'm very concious of, and I have plans to improve the security.

I'd also like to mention that the site is completely free for people looking to do work. For people asking for work done, I take only 5% of their investment, and I only get it once their work is complete.


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2 thoughts on “ Allows Users To Complete And Set Tasks For Bitcoin

  1. It's an interesting site, and it's pretty easy to use. It would be nice to see more people offering tasks in the future.

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