BitPay Lets Bitcoin Customers "Make It Rain"

Tampa, Florida is home to 2001 Odyssey, a strip club which also services user through internet services. Bitpay has partnered with the the club to allow users to pay with Bitcoin for these online services including a feature known as the "Make It Rain Machine."

The 5000 square foot club is outfitted with a number of cameras that feed into a live video stream users can view on the club's website for a subscription fee. The "Make It Rain Machine" is a device outfitted on the club's ceiling that will dispense one dollar bills onto the main dance stage. The machine can be operated by customers in the club via an ATM-like Kiosk, or through payments online. Bitcoin users are able to tip up to $100 at a time, however the machine is able to dispense up to $2000 onto the stage.

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