Bitfilm Festival's Fundraiser Coins Now Available To Supporters

As part of a fundraising campaign, The Bitfilm Festival has launched a coin that allows participants to show their support and pocket some extras for doing so. The coins, capped at 2100, can be purchased for 50 mBTC each and to date, 33 have been sold while a further 2,067 remain.

The rewards for purchasing the coin are as follows:

  • 1 Coin – A Robot Girl t-shirt, festival pass, 3 votes1, 20% discount on future events.
  • 8 Coins – A pair of WTF geek jeans in addition to all of the above.
  • 16 Coins – VIP dinner with the directors in a city of your choice plus all of the above.
  • 32 Coins – Acquire the rights to organise your own Bitfilm event including rights to keep all revenue made on selling tickets, drinks and so on.

The festival will begin in Berlin on the 25th of October, followed by Seoul on the 8th November, Buenos Aires on November 29th and Rio de Janeiro on 6th December.

Bitfilm, launched in 19992 are the creators of some of the more popular videos used to promote various bitcoin products such as the Mycelium wallet3 and entropy device, KnC Miner, and others.

  1. Allows supporters to vote on which films will be screened at the festival. 

  2. The name is coincidental. 

  3. "Could you rape me please." 

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