BitcoinEzy Claims Ezy Bit Is A One Stop Shop For New Users

BitcoinEzy, an Australian company has released details of its Ezy Bit product, which it claims is an all in one solution for users that are new to Bitcoin and wish to purchase and invest in it.

Ezy Bit, a USB device that comes with a wallet and install files1 contains everything a user requires to begin trading bitcoin from their computer. Customers who purchase the start up kit also recieve BitcoinEzy membership which includes access to top ups, rewards, support and giveaway offers.

Top up cards, which allow customers to redeem high security voucher codes on the BitcoinEzy website, are available from selected retailers throughout Australia2. Users of BitcoinEzy can purchase up to AUD $2,000 of bitcoin after providing 100 points of ID3.

BitcoinEzy said that they “aim to make Bitcoin a viable consumer product, and the Ezy Bit is the first giant leap in making that possible, as we can upskill the average consumer in what they need to know while giving them all the resources they need to have, covering every base effectively.”

  1. Multibit. 

  2. I am yet to see these anywhere, perhaps it is being rolled out. You can see an image of the card from their twitter feed @ 

  3. This is typically 3 pieces including a drivers licence, bank statement and utility bill or other. 

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