BFL To Resume Scamming Preexisting Customers

Following discussions with the FTC, Butterfly Labs will be permitted to resume limited business operations. BFL will be restricted to servicing existing orders even though it has been demonstrated time and time again that they are incapable of doing so.

While still under the direction of a court-appointed receiver, BFL believes they now have the opportunity to repair the damage1 done to their reputation which they contend is due unsubstantiated statements made by the FTC.

BFL ended today's statement by thanking the "many customers, employees and business partners for staying with us during this challenging time" as it has allowed them to keep the scam going.

As a self-proclaimed market leader, BFL have been beset by problems with manufacturing delays, manufactured excuses and customer complaints prior to the shut down. has reached out to BFL for comment but was only told Y U NO SHIP, BFL IS LATE!

  1. Self-inflicted. 

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