American Green To Continue Bitcoin Vending Machine Rollout

Taking credit cards is a proposition that some marijuana dispensaries cannot accept. This has forced many of them to remain a cash only business, something which has its own set of problems. This is an issue that the ZaZZZ machine from American Green hopes to solve.

Who is the target demographic for such a vending machine? Millennials who hold contempt for cash and own bitcoin. American Green President Stephen Shearin said "“Millennials medicating with cannabis may be a matching demographic for bitcoin. The utilisation of bitcoin will grow faster with people between 21 and 40.”

In June of this year, the company rolled out 2 machines with a view to deploy a further 12. That will begin this month with the latest version of the ZaZZZ machine to arrive at several dispensaries across various locations including Colorado Springs, California and Washington. Other locations are currently pending, including one in Rhode Island. The latest machines all accept bitcoin as a method of payment. It is unknown if and how American Green convert the bitcoins to dollars given that Bitpay and Coinbase refuse to work with cannabis based businesses.

Rex Chapman, a former NBA star, will be the face of American Green's sports-oriented cannabis products, initially available for purchase with bitcoin from the ZaZZZ machine.

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