AlphaPoint, White Label Exchange Provider Secure $1.35 Million In Funding

AlphaPoint, a white label exchange and automatic market making provider, secured $1.35 million in funding which will be used to promote international growth and further development of products and services. The round of capital raising included investors such as Scott Becker of Invite Media1, Gabriel Weinberg of DuckDuckGo, Robin Hood Ventures, Ben Franklin Technology Partners as well as other unnamed angel investors.

Their exchange platform, marketed as suitable for startups who aim to reduce development costs and require access to liquidity or existing exchanges looking to upgrade to an institutional grade platform, can be up and running in as little as 20 days, as claimed by AlphaPoint website.

The AlphaPoint team is made up of Vadim Telyatnikov2, Joe Ventura3, Jack Sallen4, Scott Bambacigno5 and Igor Telyatnikov6.

Exchanges which currently use the AlphaPoint white label exchange include:

  • Cananda's, run by Paul Szczesny7, Jackson Warren8 Cheyne Mackie9 and Mitchell Demeter10.
  • Mexican based, founded by William Coates11 and Gabriel Miron. meXBT¬†received $150,000 in funding from Seedcoin earlier this January.
  • BitcoinsNorway, co-owned and chaired by Ole Andre Torjussen. The exchange reportedly donates 5% of profits to charities such as Doctors Without Borders and Save The Children.
  •, a Caribbean based startup, which is yet to go live despite making agreements with AlphaPoint in January of this year. is owned by the Koblitz Group which also runs CaribHash, "a high density mining facility" and Cryptocurrency Capital Management, an "asset management financial services agency which invests into a portfolio of cryptocurrencies and digital assets on behalf of clients."

AlphaPoint's exchange remarketer product sources liquidity, which also supports altcoins such as Litecoin, from exchanges such as Bitstamp, BTC-e, Coinbase, BTC China, Vault of Satoshi, Crypsty and Cointrader.

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  1. Acquired by Google. 

  2. CEO. 

  3. Founder and CTO. 

  4. Co-Founder and VP of Development. 

  5. VP Worldwide Sales 

  6. VP of Operations. 

  7. LibertyBit, a Canadian exchange which shut in June, 2013. 

  8. Co-founder of Bitcoiniacs, which operate a Robocoin machine in Vancouver and Singapore. 

  9. Co-founder of Bitcoiniacs. 

  10. Co-founder of Bitcoiniacs. 

  11. CEO of, a dance focused mp3 store. 

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