A Free* Bitcoin ATM Machine For Suitable Hosts

ZenBox, based in Santa Monica, California, are a company which operate a network of over 10 Bitcoin kiosks across the US. Launched in June, 2014, the company was founded by Sean Grove and Brock Pierce while CEO Cailen Sullivan previously worked at Coinbase.

ZenBox's offering differs to other Bitcoin ATM vendors in that they provide a no money down, no out of pocket expenses alternative to purchasing your own machine. In order to host a free machine, a location must provide at least 2 square feet of space and an internet connection. In return for providing a rent free locality, partners can earn 10% of the net revenue. ZenBox are interested in placing the machines in convenience stores, restaurants, bars, hotels and shopping centres.

For Sean Grove, who clearly loves the name ZenBox, this is his 3rd "pivot". He initially launched ZenBox as an app that gave companies access to their customer data from within any web app. Prior to that, the company was involved in a cloud computing platform known as Cloudfuji.

Source – http://www.zenbox.us/main/host/

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