2 Bitcoin Users Who Decided To Break Bad

A British woman, convicted of purchasing poison via the Internet but cleared of attempted murder, says she was inspired by AMC's Breaking Bad.

"It was as if I was thinking through it, as if I was in my own TV program or a character in Breaking Bad"

Patel explained the jury.

Kuntal Patel, 37, used such fantasies as a means to cope with her abusive mother, who refused to allow her to marry.

Ms Patel used bitcoin to purchase abrin from an American dealer but when the package arrived, she says she panicked and threw it away.

The American dealer, Jesse William Korff, 19, of LaBelle, in southern Florida was later arrested, charged and plead guilty to possession and transfer of a toxin for use as a weapon and smuggling goods.

Mr Korff, who went by the user name Snowman840, admitted to have sold abrin as well as ricin to customers worldwide. He marketed his products as "Top of the Line Ricin Poison" via the Black Market Reloaded website.

After selling Ricin to an undercover federal agent, he was arrested at a rest stop outside Fort Myers, Florida. Korff told the undercover agent that "I guarantee it will work… if you drop the abrin in someone's drink Wednesday, he will be dead by Friday and there is no way to trace it after 24 hours of ingestion." A search of Mr Korff's home also found a shotgun, 2 meth labs as well as a pipe bomb.

Jesse William Korff, who could face life in prison, awaits sentencing on November 16th.

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