Bitreserve Holds your Bitcoins as Fiat

In an attempt to address the price volatility of Bitcoin, Bitreserve recently launched as a Bitcoin storage service that keeps users' funds in the form of fiat. Bitreserve does this by immediately market selling any incoming deposits, essentially locking in the fiat value of the credited funds. Users are entitled to the locked fiat amount in Bitcoin upon withdrawal, thus users may lose or gain BTC due to volatility. Continue reading

BTC Guild Shutting Down, May be Sold

An announcement was posted to the website of the BTC Guild website stating their intention to shut down. Key dates include November 30th, the day they will shut down their mining servers and January 15th the deadline to withdraw coins from their service. In an update to their announcement they float the possibility of being sold and continuing operations. Note that if sold they do not plan to transfer mining history or balances to the new owners. Continue reading

Australian Silk Road Merchant Sentenced To 11 Years Jail, Loses 24,500 Bitcoin To Boot

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that 24,500 bitcoins, which were seized during a search of a property in December 2012, will soon go to auction after a 28 day appeal period has expired. At the current bitcoin price, the State of Victoria will pocket around AUD $9.6 million or USD 8.4 million. As is typical in Australia, the proceeds of crime are sold via what is known colloquially as a police auction. It's unknown what date the auction has been set for. Continue reading